The EQS SUV, Luxury and Capability Electrified

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•An Intelligent Off-Roader
•A Step Into the Future
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The EQS SUV, An Intelligent Off-Roader

Following the success of the EQS Sedan, Mercedes-Benz is once again expanding its EQ fleet. An electric and innovative cousin of the new S-Class, the EQS is on track to change the perception of electric driving. The EQS SUV is revolutionizing the off-roading experience through electric power, intelligence, and external cameras that help you navigate on your adventures.

  • A Step Into the Future

    Its doors automatically open for you and your passengers and you are welcomed into the comfortable, glowing cabin with custom set ambient lighting. Energizing comfort programs create a sensory pleasing environment. Upon sitting down in the driver’s seat, you notice the available 56-inch Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) Hyperscreen that extends along the front of the cabin.  The seamless three screens allow you to charge up, customize lighting, access entertainment, make calls, navigate, turn on the massage chairs, and more. Each seat also gives your passengers and you the ability to have a unique experience with the car. In order to prevent distraction, the EQS SUV can detect driver eye movements and dim passengers’ dynamic content accordingly.

  • Features Across the Board