Gap Protection

Guaranteed Auto Protection

If your vehicle is ever declared a total loss due to an accident, theft or natural disaster, your auto insurance company might only pay you the amount equal to their assessed market value of your vehicle. Unfortunately, there may be a significant gap between what your insurer pays and the balance you owe on your vehicle loan. Guaranteed Auto Protection from Hoehn Motors (GAP) protects you by waiving the difference.

How this plan helps you:

Insurance companies can only do so much, that’s why Guaranteed Auto Protection was designed to fill in the gap. When accidents occur, insurance companies only pay the actual cash value of your vehicle, so we cover the difference between the actual cash value and the balance.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) can help waive the difference from the current value of your vehicle, including up to $1,000 of your insurance deductible*.

In the unfortunate event your vehicle is declared a total loss due to an unrecoverable theft or accidental damage, your auto insurance company will typically pay the current market value of your vehicle less your deductible. But what if your loan or lease balance is higher than the market value of your vehicle? Answer: You would be responsible for paying off the difference, including your deductible. This can be expensive!

The reason for the potential difference is that normally the loan/lease balance decreases at a predictable amount as monthly payments are made. However, the market value of your vehicle is influenced by several variable factors (e.g. supply, demand, mileage). This means that market value often may be lower than your outstanding balance – particularly early in your contract when you have the most to lose.

*Deductible may not be covered in some states. See the GAP agreement for specific details.

The Choice Is Yours…

Guaranteed Auto Protection is an optional form of protection available only at the time you sign your Retail Installment Sales Contract or Lease Contract with the dealership. If you would like to know more about GAP, ask to see the GAP agreement. This offer is available to all our San Diego and Southern California customers.



Insurance Deductible
GAP may include a portion of your primary insurance deductible if there is a balance due on the loan or lease after the insurance settlement. GAP will not include your deductible if there is no balance due.
GAP is terminated if you refinance your Retail Installment Sales Contract.
Settlement Deductions
GAP may not include insurance settlement deductions for customer retained salvage, un-repaired physical damage, towing, rental or storage.
Finance Items
GAP may not include delinquent or deferred payments, past due charges, late payment charges or unearned interest.


Lost Equity
GAP may not refund advance payments or vehicle equity.
GAP may not include amounts added after the loan effective date or refundable portions of any finance additions such as credit life/health insurance, pre-paid maintenance agreements, service contracts or other similar products.
Customer Secured Financing
GAP may not apply to any loan obtained from any finance source other than from the dealer from whom you purchased or leased your vehicle.
GAP does not provide any insurance coverage for you or the vehicle, such as collision, comprehensive, bodily injury, property damage or liability. You must have physical damage insurance on your vehicle at the time of purchase in order for GAP to be effective. GAP is not a replacement for primary auto insurance.