Lease Return

Mercedes-Benz of Carlsbad Lease Return

Is your lease coming to a close soon?

If so, we welcome your return. The process is simple, we recommend a pre-inspection is conducted on your vehicle, the pre-inspection will evaluate your vehicle’s condition using the Vehicle Condition Guidelines. After the inspection is done we can provide a vehicle inspection report and answer any additional questions you may have about your maturing lease. When you have your lease return pre-inspected, if there is any damage you have the option to repair it prior to turning it in. Just complete the form to the right and we will contact you. If you did not originally lease your car with Hoehn, you can still return it to us.

Lease End Options

If your lease is due to mature soon don’t hesitate to contact one of our Lease Return Specialists today to find out all the options that are available to you. One of our highly qualified and dedicated professionals can help you through the process and consider your options over the months to come.

EXCHANGE – Exchange your Mercedes-Benz for a new Mercedes-Benz.

EXTEND – Extend your current Mercedes-Benz lease up to one additional year.*

MILES – Purchase additional miles.

PURCHASE – Purchase or re-finance your existing Mercedes-Benz.**

RETURN – Mercedes-Benz of Carlsbad will assist with your vehicle inspection and return.

Vas Chohan
Saad Jarrah
Mercedes-Brand Specialist/
Mercedes-Brand Specialist/
Lease Return Specialist
Lease Return Specialist


*Subject to credit approval on your current Mercedes-Benz Financial lease only.

** Subject to credit approval.

What to Bring

When returning your lease everything that came with your vehicle is expected to come back. Making sure these items are with you at time of turn in will save you time and money:

  • Both sets of keys
  • Owner’s manuals
  • Entertainment set (if applicable)
  • Vehicle registration